Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gorgeous Eggs Dressed in Vintage Finery

I hope everyone had a good weekend. There are signs of Spring everywhere and it cetainly has put a little extra skip in my step. I had to share with you something that put more than a skip in my step. These gorgeous designs made my heart skip a beat! On Saturday I received not just one but THREE of Rebecca's latest offerings. When I saw these beauties I knew that one was not going to be enough. These eggs are dressed in vintage finery. So so GORGEOUS!

This precious Pink Egg is hanging from my Spring wreath. I am loving this wreath stand.

My gorgeous eggs. These are truly heirloom quality.

I still have to share my Spring Craft Faire with you as promised. I have to say it was quite successful.

I am wishing everyone a blessed week.

Hugs, Sue


  1. Oh, these eggs are absolutely beautiful, perhaps one of a kind? A reminder that Easter is not far away!

  2. Girly...thank you for sharing a tiny part of what I love to do! I love what I get to do with my life and embellishment work is at the top of my list of favs!

    Glad you love your pretties! :) You bless me!


  3. Good Morning Sue Sweetie...
    A beautiful share this morning. I am loving that wreath. Did you make it yourself? It is so gorgeous. I love the sprinkling of buttons throughout. It really caught my eye.

    Your eggs are so delightful. Beautiful for sure. Rebecca sure does know how to embellish. Very pretty and couldn't be hanging in a more beautiful surrounding than your wreath. Love that hanger as well. I have had my eye on one of those, and you may have just convinced me to go for it.

    Have a glorious Monday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. Oh my...these are gorgeous. You were smart to get three!!!

  5. Very pretty! I love Rebecca's treasures. How great that you have 3.

  6. These are truly beautiful!♥

  7. Hi Sue, oooh, your three eggs from Rebecca are just gorgeous!... She does such exquisite work, I am loving mine... love how you displayed the first one with your wreath!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Suez....just had to stop by again and say a big thank you for visiting me today and your kind comments.

    I've come to believe that God is never too early or late but always on time with His encouragement and love. Even when He sends it to us via a loving friend.

    You bless me~

    Love, Rebecca

  9. These are lovely! Thanks so much for your visit and have a great week!

  10. These are just is your wreath.
    Thanks for coming by.
    hugs, bj

  11. Oh yes, gorgeous velvety eggs! I haven't begun to make any eggs yet for this Easter, but seeing these beauties does inspire me.
    Thank you so much for sharing.