Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happiness Is...And Other Random Thoughts

It really is the simplest things that can make me happy. Now for some of you, you may not relate to what I am about to express and others I know you will completely get this. I have been in one of my bohemian moods and wanted to make a cute funky handbag and lo and behold if I didn't have matching thread and the bobbin with the thread already wound. Trust me, this is a big deal. O.K. maybe not that big of a deal but it sure made me ever so slightly giddy. Think of it this way. You know when you want to bake something ooey and gooey and you know just what it is you want and lo and behold you have all of the ingredients in your cupboard. Same thing but just fewer calories :)
I have had this fabric for at least 3 years.

I am being such a goof ball tonight. I think all of the overtime that I am doing is getting to me.

Hugs and much love my friends, Sue

P.S. This girlie is going night, night.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prayers for Anne and Her Precious Mother

Please stop by Anne's blog, Fiona and Twig and give her some words of encouragement. She is devastated that her precious Mother has inoperable ovarian cancer. The news came fast and hard. Our prayers and words have been a great comfort to her.

Hugs and much love my friends, Sue

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Animal Lover That I am...And Some Catching Up

I can't help myself. I have a soft spot for all animals. Even the pesky skunks and racoons that show up on my porch, but don't gasp, I DO NOT feed them. Not intentionally anyway. And I only observe from the living room window. My husband is a big cat lover and we have 4 kitties. Two that make their homes inside (Milo and Elwood) and two that make their homes outside and if on a rare occassion I forget to pick up the outside food in the evening, once in a while we will get a pesky visitor.

Around the middle of June and much to my chagrin a stray kitty showed up and naturally I fed her. I think she was a "foreclosure" kitty. Fast forward two weeks. 4th of July to be exact, she blessed us (tongue in cheek) with 3 kittens. Of course I hovered over them and cuddled them. I even lost sleep over them when Momma moved them and they were no where to be found for two days, but the time has come that I MUST find them some new parents. I would love to keep them all but that is not possible and practical. It has been hard placing them and so far we have had no success and I cannot stand the thought of taking them to the shelter. All of the other rescue places are jammed packed with cats and kittens. Please say a prayer that these babies will have new parents soon.

Do you ever get to a point that things just seem dull and when someone asks you what have you been up to and you just stop and think and ask yourself...what have I been up to? Well that is me these last few weeks. Don't get me wrong. Life has not been boring but it has not been exciting either. I am as busy as I have ever been. Maybe too busy and I am not stopping long enough to take it all in. Too much work and long days of working non-stop has made for a dull girlie.

Soon, I will post some pictures and show you what I have been up to preparing for all of my Holiday Craft Faires that are coming my way. I will be putting on some finishing touches to my "Victorian" Christmas stockings but I am still hunting for the perfect ribbon. I haven't made them for about 6 years and my Mom urged me to make them again. They were quite popular.

Hugs and Blessings and much love my friends, Sue