Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have Some Fun!

Summertime is here and there is no better time to feel like a kid again. It is such a carefree time.

Have a fun and safe summer and play a game of hopscotch!
xoxo, Sue

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally a Happy Dance!

I am finally peeking out from underneath the covers and what do I see? Outside my kitchen window I see this…

I haven’t felt like doing much these last few weeks, although I did manage to celebrate Memorial Day at our beautiful State Capitol Park and captured these images.

Our California Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedicated in 1989.

A lovely pink rose in our beautiful Capitol Rose Garden. There are approximately 700 rose bushes in this garden. On a warm morning walking to my office I can smell the roses a city block away. I spend many lunch breaks over here. I am blessed.

This beauty is called Shockwave and I can see why. I have never seen a rose so bright and yellow. This picture does not do it justice.

One of several paths between the roses.

I have no idea what this one is called. I call it the Candy Cane Rose.

Why am I so late sharing my lovely Memorial Day? I debated on whether to share this but I want to let all my friends know to not ignore a sinus infection! I kept blaming my overall crummy feeling on allergies. I should have known better because I don’t have allergies. I just figured that I finally developed allergies. This region is one of the worse for allergy sufferers and if you don’t have allergies you will eventually develop them if you live in this region long enough.

Anway, I get home on Monday afternoon (Memorial Day) and looked in the mirror and was horrified at what I saw. My eyes were swollen and I was quickly developing a rather large beet red circle around my left eye that went all the way to the eyebrow and down my face. So what does this girl think (blonde moment?)…the allergies are getting worse. Fast forward to Tuesday morning. My eyes are now almost swollen shut with all of the signs of pink eye maybe? I saw the Doctor that morning and I was feeling REALLY bad by then and the temp was hovering around 100. When you are in the Doctor’s office and the Doctor walks in, the last thing the sick person wants to see is a rather shocked look on the Doctor’s face? Huh? I am thinking this must be one of the more severe allergy cases she has seen. Well let me tell you, I had a sinus infection so severe that I was in the first stages of cellulitis of the face (a bacterial infection of the skin cells). Oh yes, had I waited much longer this would have put me in the hospital . Fast forward to today and antibiotics…I AM FEELING MUCH BETTER!!! I want to do a happy dance! Thinking back on these last several weeks, if not the last 3 months or so, I think I have had this infection for a very long time. I must have one heck of an immune system.

How I managed all this time I have no idea. The Doctor doesn’t know either. All I can say is, today I have more energy than I have had in a long, long time. The moral of this story…don’t ignore a sinus infection. I had no idea that it could manifest into something more serious however I didn’t know I had one. But I will the next time!

Hugs to everyone as I continue with my Happy Dance! Sue