Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have Some Fun!

Summertime is here and there is no better time to feel like a kid again. It is such a carefree time.

Have a fun and safe summer and play a game of hopscotch!
xoxo, Sue


  1. How cute! Brings back good memories. lol
    When I could hop that is

  2. I loved playing hop scotch as a kid and remember loving the sound of my patent leather shoes on the sidewalk-LOL!

  3. I love the roses below! The candy cane one looks like fluffy tissue paper, so beautiful!! So you have clematis in your yard? I have just finished taking lots of pictures of them around the neighborhood, they are so pretty. People put them around their lamp posts here. As to the hopscotch, it reminds me that I always got to that game on the playground when it had already started, so never got to play!

  4. simple and summer

  5. Wish I could still "hop". That is so nostalgic, only we didn't have all the fun sidewalk chalk they have now. Cute picture.

  6. Good Morning Sue Sweetie...
    Oh my turn, my turn. I loved hopscotch as a kid. Haven't played that in years. Not sure my grands even know how. Well I do have chalk, and we do have a sidewalk. I may have to see how good they are. Now if we could only find an air conditioned place to play.

    Another hot day is expected today. These 116 degree temps are killing me. Thank goodness my day starts early.

    Have a gorgeous day sweet one. Thank you for letting me play a game of hopscotch this morning. I can still see me hopping in my little red tennies with my pony tails flopping. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. Wow, Hopscotch...I wonder..if I could...

  8. Loved hopscotch growing up. That and jump rope were two of my favorite activities. Was surprised one night coming home from work to see a chalk hopscotch on the sidewalk of my block. Hope you're having a good summer and have a great weekend.