Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grandma Gets Busted!

I am taking a vacation week from work (the one that pays the mortgage) because our granddaughter, Miss J is staying with her grandma and grandpa. We don’t get to visit very often. They live about 200 miles away and Mom and Dad work weekends so it really makes it challenging and the fact it is 200 miles one-way, it is difficult to make it a day trip.

Here in Sacramento, it has been our great fortune to be hosting the Library of Congress Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition at our downtown museum. Our city will be the only stop on the west coast. I wanted to start our week together by going to the exhibit. Now I really thought I was going to get a lot of resistance from this 9 year old little girl, but to my surprise and delight when I told her about the exhibit she said, “Grandma that would be so cool.” Now mind you, she is a 9 year old, Barbie loving little girl but she likes history (yeah). So with quarters in one hand for that pesky parking meter and my camera in the other we headed off for the exhibit. As we wandered the exhibit we were so taken with all of Mr. Lincoln’s artifacts and actual writings. I knew that Mr. Lincoln’s Bible was also on display and we eventually came across it. That is when my camera came out. I snapped the picture knowing that I was going to treasure it. I am not sure why I was wasn’t going crazy taking pictures sooner but I am soooo glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have gotten the picture of Mary Lincoln’s jewelry either. As soon as I snapped that picture, Grandma was BUSTED! A security guard said there was no picture taking allowed. I said I was very sorry as I quickly put my camera away. Honestly there were no notices posted because I was looking for them. He was very nice about it but I kept thinking he was going to make me delete my two pictures. That didn’t happen because he quickly headed to the other room because, you guessed it… someone else was taking pictures. Whew!

Anyway, it was a fascinating exhibit and I want to go again because there was so much to see and absorb.

This Bible is so beautiful. The color is so rich. You can double-click on the pictures to enlarge.

Mrs. Lincoln enjoyed spending money and she spared no expenses for which she was ridiculed. Because of the war, times were hard for many and people thought it was not right to spend so lavishly while so many were suffering.

My little Miss J thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. So far our week has been a trip to the zoo, baking cupcakes, watching movies and games of Monopoly. The little stinker is ruthless. She wants those hotels! Who knew!

Our Little Miss J. We were at the zoo in a little excursion train.

Hugs and blessings to everyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking a Little Break

Hi all. I have been a little brain dead lately and don't have a lot to post. All is very well with me though. In my spare time I have been in the sewing room making all my lovely handbags, preparing for several craft shows this year. It is getting to be that time of year.

I am still visiting all my blog friends regularly. I wouldn't miss any of your posts for the world. You all inspire me and many give me some of the best laughs.
Hugs to all of you!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Red, White and Blue 4th!

I just recently learned (well in the last 3 years anyway) that close friends and colleagues John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the same day, on July 4th. It was the same year our great nation was celebrating its 50th birthday, in part because of these two gentlemen.

Happy 4th of July and of course Happy Birthday America!

xxoo, Susan