Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grandma Gets Busted!

I am taking a vacation week from work (the one that pays the mortgage) because our granddaughter, Miss J is staying with her grandma and grandpa. We don’t get to visit very often. They live about 200 miles away and Mom and Dad work weekends so it really makes it challenging and the fact it is 200 miles one-way, it is difficult to make it a day trip.

Here in Sacramento, it has been our great fortune to be hosting the Library of Congress Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition at our downtown museum. Our city will be the only stop on the west coast. I wanted to start our week together by going to the exhibit. Now I really thought I was going to get a lot of resistance from this 9 year old little girl, but to my surprise and delight when I told her about the exhibit she said, “Grandma that would be so cool.” Now mind you, she is a 9 year old, Barbie loving little girl but she likes history (yeah). So with quarters in one hand for that pesky parking meter and my camera in the other we headed off for the exhibit. As we wandered the exhibit we were so taken with all of Mr. Lincoln’s artifacts and actual writings. I knew that Mr. Lincoln’s Bible was also on display and we eventually came across it. That is when my camera came out. I snapped the picture knowing that I was going to treasure it. I am not sure why I was wasn’t going crazy taking pictures sooner but I am soooo glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have gotten the picture of Mary Lincoln’s jewelry either. As soon as I snapped that picture, Grandma was BUSTED! A security guard said there was no picture taking allowed. I said I was very sorry as I quickly put my camera away. Honestly there were no notices posted because I was looking for them. He was very nice about it but I kept thinking he was going to make me delete my two pictures. That didn’t happen because he quickly headed to the other room because, you guessed it… someone else was taking pictures. Whew!

Anyway, it was a fascinating exhibit and I want to go again because there was so much to see and absorb.

This Bible is so beautiful. The color is so rich. You can double-click on the pictures to enlarge.

Mrs. Lincoln enjoyed spending money and she spared no expenses for which she was ridiculed. Because of the war, times were hard for many and people thought it was not right to spend so lavishly while so many were suffering.

My little Miss J thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. So far our week has been a trip to the zoo, baking cupcakes, watching movies and games of Monopoly. The little stinker is ruthless. She wants those hotels! Who knew!

Our Little Miss J. We were at the zoo in a little excursion train.

Hugs and blessings to everyone.


  1. What a fun time it sounds like the two of you are having. MY hubs would love to go to the lincoln exhibit!

  2. We love the historical museums & exhibits. My DH is a semi-expert on the Civil War so we visit many historical places ... can never gain enough of history.

    Glad you all had such a wonderful time. She's a cutie. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your granddaughter--doing so many fun things. I would have loved the Lincoln museum also--and I'm glad you got to keep those two photos, so you could share them with the rest of us. Have a great weekend! Karen

  4. Lovely outing. Glad you were able to keep the pictures (honestly, I think once they are taken there isn't much they can do about it and they may as well leave it at that).

    My potato soup was delish. I could eat it until I get sick. I'm pathetic. My belly is very full now. But, I hope it empties out for the fresh berry salad my girl made. :)

  5. Dear Susan ~~ What a good surprise your lovely
    grandaughter was happy to go to the Lincoln
    museum. Glad you were able to show us the photos. I thought they would delete them.
    It sounds like you are having fun (or at least she is) with the holiday. Can't you get some hotels for yourself in Monopoly - or choose another game.
    Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care, my friend,
    Love, Merle.

  6. Susan,

    My adult son somehow screwed up my ability to do microsoft emails (see the whole LOVE thing below, even though I live like 30 miles from Hdqtrs and have a bazillion friends that work there) So,
    I am posting directly to your blog as opposed to emailing you directly. As a result of your comment to my post tonight- although I think the subject manner and advice would be beneficial to many/all.
    Thank you. You brought tears to my eyes with your compassion. Although unconventional and non spirirtual/religious, my friend Miles WAS a great mind and I KNOW that he is in a better place.

    And I DO think it is important to say what you need to say to people,,,,,you might not get another chance----For me, being widowedat 37, -having my youngest do 2 tours in Iraq, etc, etc, etc.

    USE the good china & linens, say I love you, say I'm sorry, call, write, touch, hug,- THAT is life and that is love!!!

    Hugs my dear (have enjoyed getting to know a bit about you!)


  7. Ohhh...we are SO HAPPY that you at least snapped these two pix before you got "busted". They're glorious!
    And I'm so glad you were able to take time off from work to spend with your adorable grand daughter. That last photo of her is precious beyond words. : )

  8. Oh Susan....what a beautiful grand-gal you have....She is just adorable. My little 9 year old grandson studied Abe last year in school and would have loved to see that exhibit as well. How wonderful you had that opportunity.

    Is there anything better than spending time with these kids? It just melts my heart.


  9. Hi Sue,
    Great post! I loved seeing the Lincoln artifacts (glad you didn't have to delete the two pictures!). Your granddaughter's a cutie!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the fun comments! Glad you're not going to do the pink plastic flamingos on the lawn thing ... very tricky look to carry off successfully! ;)

  10. Miss J is adorable! I can't wait to have some grandchildren...what a fun, fun week! I wished we all lived closer together these days...families are so spread out. So glad you are able to share such a special week together. :-) Susan

  11. I bet you are just loving this time with with your beautiful granddaughter! I think it's so wonderful that she like History. It seems that is so rare these days! Enjoy the rest of your week together!

    My Desert Cottage

  12. Hi, and thanks for coming by to see me today.
    Aren't grands just about the best thing that ever happened to us!!
    Hope you will post that little chest you just finished.

  13. Hi Susan,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time visiting all the fun and interesting places.. What memories you are creating with your precious granddaughter.. She'll always remember coming to visit sweet you !! Have a fun time with her, and trying to keep up !!hahaha..
    hugs ~tea~xo

  14. Hi Susan, great story about getting busted! I am visiting thru Affordable Accountrements. Believe it or not I was attracted to the name of your site. I can't begin to tell you how many times my mother told me...not the good scissors! We could not use her sewing scissors to cut anything but material. You took your life in your hands if you used it to cut paper or anything else.

    Also, loved your posts on Hawaii and congratulations on your anniversary. I am originally from Honolulu so enjoyed the pics!

    Aloha, Bonnie

  15. Susan:

    I have been on a bloggy vacation of sorts to work on redecorating my home but felt like I could now start visiting again as Autumn approaches.

    What a nice thing to have your Grand girl with you, I have one here too! I cannot figure out why you could not take photos but how nice he let you keep the ones you took.

    The Raggedy Girl

  16. Hope you will start posting again soon. thanks for coming by my bloggy and saying "hi". I'll say a lovely "Aloha" to you and best wishes!!