Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Life Story - by Elwood

I think I was born around April 1, 2010 but can’t be sure because you see I was abandoned on a busy street. I was very sick and approximately 11 week’s old and weighed only 1 lb. 10 oz. Even though I was sick and such a skinny little kitten I had so much spirit in me. At least that is what I have been told. I remember that June 21, 2010 was a day of confusion for me. I could not understand why I was tossed out of a car and left on that busy street but no sooner than this happened a tall blonde lady scooped me up in her arms. Little did I know at that time she would become my Momma. She held me tight and whispered in my ear that I was going to be alright. She held me for the longest time and let me snuggle in the crook of her neck. Somehow I knew I was going to be alright and this is where I needed to be.

That first day with my new Momma was a little frightening. She put me in a box and we got into her car. I screamed and screamed because I wanted out of this box. As we were driving she kept saying, “you will be alright little baby.” We eventually arrived at an office with several nice ladies who thought I was so cute. They put me and Momma in a room and she let me out of the box and I just wanted her to hold me. A lady came into the room and introduced herself as Dr. Martin. I got the once over by the doctor but I didn’t care because I was getting so much attention by people who cared about me. We soon left with antibiotics in hand and went to my new Daddy’s office to surprise him. He smiled when he saw Momma walking up to his office because he saw her with a cat carrier box and my little black and white paw was poking out. Daddy couldn’t wait to see me because you see, kitties are his favorite. Momma was very excited and happy that she rescued me and was talking a mile a minute but was so upset that I had been tossed out like trash by two horrible people. I probably should have covered my young ears when she talked about these people. Daddy took me around and showed me off all the while holding me in his big arms. After a few trips around meeting everyone I became very sleepy so we sat in his chair and I slept so soundly in those arms. After a short nap Momma and I left. She put me back in that horrible box. We finally got to what is now my home. I was introduced to Milo, my 22 pound new “Uncle.” I got the once over by this hulk of a cat and to everyone’s surprise he really liked me.

Daddy has since retired so he has been able to spend a lot of time with me. My favorite place to be in the whole wide world is curled up on his lap. Momma can’t believe that I now weigh 11 pounds and she is so happy that I no longer need antibiotics. After 6 months of antibiotics the Dr. has given me a clean bill of health. I was very sick and had been much neglected the first few weeks of my life. I spend most days playing with my Uncle Milo and making my Daddy laugh. I am so happy when Momma gets home from work because she plays with me and lets me know how happy she is to see me. One thing I haven’t figured out yet is why she doesn’t let me into her sewing room. That door is always closed. There are so many things in there that I could be getting into playing with. And last December she kept mentioning that she wasn’t going to put up the Christmas tree. I wonder why. She says that when I get older she will let me visit with her in the sewing room and that I will get to see the Christmas tree this year.

Momma, who you know by the name of Sue says she will let me post on her blog every now and then so I can let all of her sweet friends know how I am doing and what I have been up to. She says she loves all of her friends very much but just between me and you, I think she loves me just a little bit more.

I was not feeling well but I was so happy to be in my new home

I am feeling so much better. I have grown to be a handsome young man

XXXOOO, Elwood aka "Little Baby"


  1. I made a comment on Elwood and I think I lost it. I wanted to say how lucky that little kitty was to have you find very lucky. He reminds me of Scratches..we had him for 17 years.

    I also am a hugger...and like you I sort of know who is and who isn't. They seem to give the message...
    Hugs! :)

  2. Ok...Now I know where my comment went! :) Just pick one and delete the other one.. lol

  3. Hi Sue
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the picture of the cat draped over the chair on your profile page! That is so typical.
    This kitten is beautiful. I have 3 foundlings. I live where there are a lot of coyotes, so I have ended up keeping a few strays that wandered up!
    Love your blog! Thanks for your sweet comments on my 'fuzzies'!

  4. Precious, precious, precious!!!

  5. I've only had "found" cats in my life. Elwood is a cutie!

  6. Poor little Pumpkin! I am so happy that he is so handsome and healthy now! People are so cruel! Thank God for Angels like you who care about critters! Hugs and scratches for the ears, Kerrie

  7. Hi Sue Sweetie...
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I am so thrilled that you did, as it allowed me to find your beautiful blog home as well. I absolutely adore Elwood. He is so precious and just look at the distinguished face of his. His coat is beautiful and boy does he look like he could get into a little bit of trouble now and again. He looks awful curious to me.

    A beautiful story sweet one. I so enjoyed reading. I am your newest follower sweetie and I can't wait to see what you share next.

    Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  8. Lovely to meet you! And yes you have turned out to be a very handsome young man. I have a fat cute female cat that lives with me if you ever get tired of all the attention you get at home. lol
    Give mom and big hug for me and tell her I came by to check on her.

  9. What a sweet story and precious pet! I am so happy I stopped by. I am going to love knowing you and hope you come see me soon. I like your blog title. I am always lookign for fun and talented people here to hang out with! Have a terrific week! Anne

  10. Oh Sue that is the sweetest story. Good for you and hubby to rescue the kitty. Sweet post.