Saturday, January 15, 2011

Confessions of a High Maintenance Gal - Part 1

I am not rich and I do not long for high end things (well maybe that Mercedes, pre-owned of course) but the older I get the more I want to pamper myself with not so inexpensive products. For the most part I am very practical. To me bragging rights means coming home from Macy’s after their Super Saturday sale and having $700.00 worth of clothes and spending only $150.00 or less (yes it is possible with some determination and patience, just use the Macy’s card for that additional discount but don’t forget to hop on-line and pay it off the same day!). I do want to go on record however and say that I dislike clothes shopping more than anything (I heard the gasp from here ladies). I only clothes shop when I have to, so those $150.00 worth of clothes better be practical, multi-tasking and last at least a couple of years. As far as my pampering and facial products are concerned that is a different story. I like only certain things. Do I think because it costs more it must be better? Probably, but there are just some things that really work me, but I will never go super crazy and spend $250.00 on a facial moisturizer. Paula Deen's favorite is a $250.00 Chanel moisturizer. Never, never, never! That is just obscene.

These are just a few and I mean just a few of my favorites (notice the title says Part 1)

Clarisonic does an amazing job cleaning the face. All those facial products work better when your face is impeccably clean. I highly recommend it.

Philosophy Purity facial cleanser IMHO is hands down the best facial cleanser. I use this with my Clarisonic. It even gently takes off the eye make-up.

Philosophy Miracle Worker is my new favorite facial moisturizing products. The eye treatment is a little on the heavy side and I have to wait about 10 minutes before putting on my make-up but it is worth the extra effort. It has really brightened up my eye area.

Philosophy's Amazing Grace scent is just that, amazing. I love this bath/shower gel and body lotion. It is the most light and feminine scent and I constantly get compliments when I wear it. The body lotion is really nice.

More confessions to follow!
Big weekend hugs, Sue


  1. I've got some of the same confessions. I'm sort of fussy about my face, but not to the tune of $250. for face cream. As the years have gone by I've lost a lot of interest in clothes shopping and do it very little. Had good luck in Macy's last month with coats. Not quite ready to go back and do more general shopping.
    So glad to see you blogging again.

  2. Sue
    I hate to put this in writing for the world to see but clothes shopping especially is at the very end of my list for things I want to do or like.
    Never thought I would be like this but I am.
    You my friend did really well on your spree though. I have never ever saved that kind of money so you know what your doing. lol
    Every time I see your cat picture I die laughing. Just love that picture. It reminds me of my Tinkerbell.
    If I spent like Paul Deen I would have to have her show too. I can't see why she would do that but I am not her.
    Hope you entered my giveaway. Miss coming by here and I appreciate your good thoughts for me and my family

  3. O, thanks for telling us about these. I am really interested in GRACE..(in more ways than one). Do you get it online?
    Thanks so much for coming by my place..
    I have always had white or cream on most of my walls. I have one bedroom now with pale yellow but.....
    Hope you love your whites...:)

  4. I have very similar loves... and I do have a Clarisonic as well.... mine is PINK! :-) I use Bare Escentuals cleanser and Amazing Grace perfume.... YUM! I'm not too crazy about the lathering ability of the shower gel though.... I bought a TEENIE, bitsy eye cream from Estee Lauder once that was 100 dollars.... I had buyer's remorse FOREVER! I think I'm a big spender when I buy the Olay in the red box! That's why they call me Tightwad Tilly! ... And, I RARELY buy things when they're not on sale.


  5. Hi Sue!!! So glad to see you blogging again, I've missed you! I'm glad that you are well and I loved reading your post about your favorite products. I'm always on the look out to try something new so I love to read about things like this. Blessings to you today!

  6. Suez...

    I've been known to camp-out at ROSS just to SEE if anything good comes down the pike at a "I can't live without it" price. Just this week I snagged several great things for cheapo kidding!

    About my skin...well~that's a different story. Wrinkles run deep (sorry for the pun) in my family and because of that I started taking really good care of my skin when I was still in my 20's. I don't 'fake bake' products and can't live without sunscreen and moisturizer (I use Lancome' and Olay'). I also learned YEARS AGO from a GORGEOUS 75 year old lady (now in heaven!) to SLEEP ON MY BACK. She swore it kept her skin looking great (no creases in the face/eye area OR on the chest). She lived to be 94 and although definitely an 'older looking woman' her beauty never faded.

    Any time someone THINKS paying MORE for beauty products is the answer tell them to read Paula Begouin's book(s) "Don't Go to the Cosmetic's Counter Without Me". Change me straight away!

    Love to you~


  7. G'eve Sue ... good to hear from you. I am so Estee Lauder, & had to do a lot of searching to find equal products that were far less expensive. I buy from Christopher & Banks online for clothes ... I love the closeout on their tops/blouses/etc. Sometimes the shipping costs are more than the final sale price. Check them out ... everyday & dress beauties.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon