Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Confessions of a Non-Hoarder

As I peruse blogland I continually see references to the show Hoarders and how many of our fellow peeps are just the opposite. I am one of those opposites too but I must confess that I was not always that way. My "collection" of stuff was not ready to make the reality show circuit but I certainly was running out of room to store things. Fast forward to today...if I have two junk drawers I feel like I am a hoarder so I just have one :) O.K. I know that was an exaggeration. At the moment as busy as I am I want less things around me. Here is anothr confession (notice the title of this post. LOL) my aversion to having a lot of chotchkies really stems from laziness, or the fact that there are not 48 hours in a day. It's probably a little of both. I like my house clean and orderly because if it isn't, after a few days I become out of sorts and just a wee bit cranky. O.K. a lot cranky. And quite frankly when the cleaning chores come around I want to get it done lickity-split and not have to move or dance around a lot of stuff. In my mind clean means clean and that includes the areas no one even sees (a little OCD are we?). I am a "nook and cranny" cleaner. O.K. here is one more confession before I wrap up this true confessions saga...my sewing room/studio is a disaster at the moment. There is just a bit of hoarding taking place in that space and I am trying very hard to keep it from spilling over into the spare bedroom. This area is going to require at least one weeks vacation time to get it in order (again) and reorganized (again). This will be a task of epic proportions because I can't pass up sewing or crafting items at tag sales. However my rule here is, and this is a good rule, it has to be useful and it must meet my crafting needs. Here is my excuse though...sewing and crafting will be my future full-time job (it is only part-time now) and when that time comes, oh baby am I going to be ready.

This is a picture of my family room taken 4 years ago, right after we moved in. We have since gotten window treatments and that glaring empty space next to the sofa has a table. My styles will change throughout the years but my heart will always be with the Cottage style. That was my previous home's decor but when we had to stage that home to sell it and make it "neutral" I spent countless weeks clearing "stuff" out and swore that I would never put myself through that again. There was something liberating about it too. I was able to walk into the home and "breathe". Our previous 1100 square foot cottage home was just that, a little cottage and she wanted to be dressed in cottage decor and in my mind that meant lots of things were needed to fill this tiny home. My current home wanted to be Traditional. I grew up with very Traditional decor that included some strong timeless furniture pieces which my mother still has and they are still beautiful. Traditional is also what I have now with some well placed decorative pieces and for me at the moment it seems to make a little part of my life simpler which is what I desperately need at the moment. But to get my Cottage fix I am going to do the guest bedroom in Cottage style.

Big weekend hugs,

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  1. Sue honey I sure wish some of your OCD would wear off on this ole Texas gal. I agree though that it makes a difference if your house is cluttered then your mind is too.
    I have a friend who is a hoarder and I can not go to her house anymore. It is worse than what you see on TV.
    Sue I really appreciate your comment to help me get through this time in my life. I will try to take your advice and take better care of myself.
    You do the same and thank you for your friendship.

  2. I've gotten too much stuff for my little apartment and have been doing well with paring away things I don't need anymore. Done well with closets and drawers and now am working on paper and books. My goal is to put a little craft area in the bedroom and am working towards it.

  3. Suz, you can google Blue Hour and find the time it will happen in your area..early in the morning and again in the evening. You can't see it with the eye...but the camera sure picks it up nicely. So so amazing.

  4. Had such fun catching up on your blog. Hubby has been having a bad time of it, and I haven't been visiting blogs much. I love your family room, a great space! And the picture of your cat hanging out is such a hoot! I love visiting as it is just like sitting down and talking to you! Thanks for your visit and comments. You are so appreciated! HUGS, K

  5. Dear Sue ~~ I think a lot of us are hoarders.
    So you are doing very well. The grandchildren
    give such a lot of gifts that mount up - stuffed
    toys and little fairies etc. etc.
    Thank you for your comments and I sm glad you liked the picture of some of my fsmily.
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  6. I am go getting to know you. Have a wonderful evening! Anneing to enjoy