Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Beyond

I kept the decorating minimal this last Christmas. I knew I wasn't going to put our beloved tree up. Our four legged furbaby Elwood unexpectedly and happily came into our lives and NO WAY, NO HOW was I going to put up the tree with a kitten in the house. I wanted to decorate with a few pieces but didn't want to bring out all of the boxes to search for just a few things. So what does this girl do? She goes out and does what she does best...SHOPS! I stopped by Pier 1 not really sure what I was looking for then I saw a lovely wreath on a stand that was up on table. At that moment I knew what I was going to do.

SH really liked this wreath and he usually doesn't comment either way when it comes to the decor so we bought it. Between me and you I think he liked it because it looked like chrome. I will save the chrome story for another post.

I liked the look so well and the idea of the wreath stand that I went back to Pier 1 the following week and got another stand and another wreath which is below.
This is on my cradenza just inside my front door.

I think these stands are so versatile. I would like to keep them out all year and change out the wreaths and put up seasonal wreaths. I can see a darling Valentine's wreath up on the cradenza in front of the mirror. The mirror beautifully reflected the wreath. It really created a lot of depth in the space.

For Easter I think this would be so cute. This wreath is at Victotian Trading Co. My all time favorite catalog.

I know, I know, I am a little late, O.K. a lot late posting about my Christmas decor but I really wanted to share the wreath stand and this super cute PINK wreath.

Big hugs, Sue


  1. Pretty wreath...did the kitten bother the Christmas ones or the small trees by the fireplace? My kitties aren't partial; they'll thrash a fake tree as soon as a real one!

  2. He didn't bother the fake trees. What he likes doing though and I cannot break him of it, is he likes to chew on cords. So far the bitter apple spray seems to be working. He does think twice before chewing on his favorite cords.

  3. I LOVE that pink's sooo sweet.
    hugs, bj