Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring...She's A Commin'...Really

I took a couple days off from work this week. Actually I was sick with the flu but fortunately it was not that flu where you were sure the world was coming to an end. By the 2nd day I was tired of laying around so I grabbed the camera and wanted to see if I could find some signs of Spring. Since I didn't want to scare my neighbors because I looked...well let's just say it was NOT PRETTY I stayed at home and didn't wander the neighborhood. Now I could have shown you the biggest sign of Spring at my house which is the abundance weeds that have shown up in the last couple of weeks but I wanted to show you the fun signs of Spring.

This is my Japanese Maple. I am seeing little buds.

I planted Mums in a pot last year and they reseeded into the bed this year. Seeing them was a pleasant surprise. The allysum comes back every year.

I can't take credit for growing these beauties. I purchased the Hydranga last weekend at Costco. I am going to plant her where I had a Camellia bush that up and died on me last year. Still cannot figure out what happened since it had been planted for a few years.

I know many of my blog friends are enduring some of the worst weather ever and many are suffering from cabin fever. So here is a little something that will help with the thoughts of Spring and to brighten your day with a few flowers. Now the only thing that you will need are crayons or colored pencils...

Just print this out and color away. I don't know about you but I still like to color every once in awhile. Although these days I only color when the grandkids are visiting but I find it very relaxing. I can color away and not think about anything and sometimes we need that.

I hope you are seeing signs of Spring too.

xoxo, Sue


  1. I love your signs of spring!!! Sorry you have been sick, I hope you are feeling back to normal by now! The coloring page is very cool, our little girls will LOVE it! They are four and are all about coloring! Now I need to go to Costco and look at the flowers, I've never seen any there!

  2. Oh, Sue!!! You are SO lucky to have flowers! I am one of those suffering from cabin fever. Our snow has melted and the temps are up, but winter is far from over.

    I love coloring with my nieces, especially with markers {for some reason!} I AM tempted to print that picture out. Brilliant idea!


  3. What a beautiful post! Just love seeing those tiny buds coming to life again! The Hydrangea is beautiful and I love Allysum--So many pretties you found!! Hope you are all over the flue now, sweet lady! I still love to color, too-ha! Before moving to SC 22 yrs. ago at Christmas time, the whole family of adult children and we colored in a coloring book and signed the pages. It was such fun and I still have it today! Hugs, Kerrie

  4. Hi Sue...I sure hope you are feeling better by now but I am happy that you were able to get outside to share some of your Spring.
    Your Hydranga is just beautiful. I wish I could get them to grow for me in FL.
    I saw that you had become a "peep", loved the title of your blog so I had to pop over and say hello. Louie looks like he's a cool kittie. ;-)