Monday, March 21, 2011

I am Just Not Feeling It and Craft Faire Update

Spring has arrived and I had to vicariously enjoy its arrival through other peeps. It seems that Mother Nature wants Northern California to wait just a bit longer. It has been raining for days and the forecast is rain for several more days and lots of snow in the Sierra’s. What has this done to me you ask? Well it made me stay inside this last weekend, all cozy and warm and spend many long overdue hours in my sewing room. This year I am determined to get a head start on the Christmas Craft Faires.

Speaking of Craft Faires. I hinted about our Spring Craft Faire that was March 5th. It was quite successful for me. Mom also did rather well with her adorable Easter and Spring creations. She makes the most amazing items out of felt and every stitch is done by hand. She loves doing handwork. Years ago when she was still working and was making her own clothes, she did her buttonholes by hand. They were sheer perfection. I hope to one day show you. I guess I could ask her to make a sample. I know she would love to. She is even proud of them, as she should be.

She and I did the Craft Show circuit 25 years ago and were quite successful but working full time it got a little rough and sadly we had to give it up. About 7 years ago we decided to resurrect and dust off those sewing and crafting genes and hit the Craft show trail once again. Mom is now retired but I am still working full time, however I have some news about that and will share with you in a few days. All I can say is woo hoo! Will I finally get my Etsy shop stocked? The fingers are crossed.

Any hooooo here are a few snapshots…

These are my Mom's egg covers. Aren't they the cutest?

More of her of little cuties. People love her things. When I get my Etsy store stocked I hope to be offering some of her things too. Her Christmas creations are soooo cute too!

Some more cuties. Her lapel pins.

I have a new camera and I really have a lot to learn. The coloring is way off.

Little bunnies dressed in their little ribbon dresses.

These are a few of my bags. In the white basket are my "Mad Money"© wallets. I love these things. They are the perfect size for business cards, credit cards, gift cards and of course your Mad Money :)

These are my Key Keeps. I have several other fabric designs. I sold many at the show.

These were from a show last year. Since my inventory is so low at this time I wanted to show you a few from the past.

I love fabric and I love creating things using fabric. This year I will be working on a couple of new designs for my handbags. I want to have them ready for the holiday season.

Wishing everyone a blessed week.
xoxo, sue


  1. Just beautiful!
    You and your mom are both inspiring!

  2. Your purses are beautiful!!! And I'm loving your mom's little bunnies in the dresses, so precious!!! You two are very talented!!

  3. I wish I could attend a show where you and your Mom had your things. You both do beautiful work! The felt "babies" are adorable. We would like to see more. :)
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. What beautiful crafts here! Really creative..

  5. You have a lot of talent between the two of you - lovely. sandie

  6. Oh Sue Sweetie...
    You bags are so beautiful, and I really love those little mad money wallets. I hope you will be stocking some of these items in your Etsy shop. Would love to see some of your sweet Momma's work as well. How pretty these little Easter items are. With 8 grandkids I am always looking for bright and cheerful items. Please let me know when you have your shop ready and stocked for Easter. I can't wait.

    Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. They are so CUTE!!! I remember when craft shows were the place to go...not so much now around here :( it's sad.. I miss buying craft goodies.

  8. Sue honey love all of yours and your moms beautiful pieces. How wonderful that you and your mom share such a creative gift with each other.
    I hope your etsy shop is listed on my Temptations page. If not we must put it on there.
    I hope one day to go shopping on your site
    Love ya

  9. The purses are so pretty and all your mom;s things are wonderful.
    I'm having guests for dinner and cards tonight and I have been going like a house fire all morning..I feel just like your cat in the profile photo looks...!