Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Trashed the Boring Weekend To-Do List!

The yard sale fairies were with me yesterday! I called Mom Friday night and told her that I had found a yard sale advertised as Shabby Chic and I would pick her up at 7:30 am sharp. Mom wasn’t as interested in the Shabby Chic part. She just wanted to hunt for treasures and more importantly wanted to get out of the house. She recently got over a very bad flu that had her down for almost two weeks. Yikes! Thankfully she is back to her old self.

The weather was perfect. There was a cool breeze. It was one of those breezes that brushed against the skin like little feathers. By the time I picked up Mom it didn’t matter if this yard sale was a bust. It just felt so good enjoying this beautiful morning. We arrived, and as I walked up to the house with this beautiful long driveway I immediately thought of all my Shabby Chic loving blog friends. She had some wonderful furniture pieces that were screaming for creamy white paint. Honestly, if I was still in my previous home, which was very cottagey, I would have been loading up the hutch I spied. It was one of the most perfect cottage pieces I have seen in a very long time. It was perfectly small, if that makes sense and was in pristine condition. It did not end there though. She had pounds of buttons and various fabrics, many of them vintage.

Everywhere I turned there was something vintage to look at. O.K., I told myself, focus, focus, focus. I knew I was going to need some self-control. She had everything thing displayed as if it was a little shop. We got to talking and she is getting rid of most of her things. These are things she has been acquiring from faires and flea markets for years. I must say she has a good eye for vintage and shabby chic. As I was looking through the fabrics I told her my dream finds are barkcloth fabrics. You guessed it, she has some barkcloth pieces but they are still in the basement with the rest of the things that she is going to put into a future yard sale. Needless to say I gave her my e-mail and phone number. Hmmm, maybe I can change my d├ęcor back to cottage and shabby chic in the next two weeks (just kidding). It is tempting though. Maybe when I retire.

Almost everything she had in her sale I wanted to swoop up, but over the years I have become very selective about what I bring home from my treasure hunts. My storage space is precious and I tend to get out of sorts when I don’t have things organized and put away in just the right place (well, somewhat organized and almost in the right place). I chose a few pieces of fabrics, one jar of buttons, even though she had several, and a few vintage crafting magazines.

The fabric with the blue and purple flowers is probably from the 40's.This piece would make a cute pillow case. It is the perfect weight for a pillow case.

I am assuming this was repurposed into a napkin from a 50's tablecloth. She had two of these.

The red fabrics are cotton, but heavier than quilting cotton.The red is so vibrant. I am not sure what these pieces will become. They would make a cute apron.

My buttons.
What is it about buttons that we can't seem to get enough of them?

These are the teeniest, tiniest buttons I have ever seen. I am not sure what I will do with these.

These pattern weights were just too cute to pass up. Besides I really can use them. I needed something like these just the other day.

I enjoyed the morning with Mom and she certainly enjoyed it too. I was glad that I could get her out of the house. I hope that in the next few weeks I will be blogging again about the future Shabby Chic yard sale. Until then, let the yard sale, estate sale and tag sale fairies be with us!

xxoo, Susan


  1. What fun & such fantastic finds ... glad you 'trashed' the to-do's. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. What wonderful finds and it sounds like a wonderful day.

    The Raggedy Girl

  3. Nothing says fun like canning the todo list. I did too. I mowed the lawn I wasn't suppose to mow and I feel great for it.

    Love the red and whites. I'm being pulled that way with my sh/ch decor with lots of florals too.

    Nice finds.

  4. TY, Susan ~ I was pretty tickled that the magazine asked to do an article on me & my feedsacks. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Hi Susan,
    I found you through Tammy,
    enjoyed visiting your pretties.. what wonderful finds you got.. don't you LoVe a fun treasure hunt.. Can hardly beat those.. And, to spend time with your Momma..even better.. Glad you enjoyed your day.. Have a blessed evening ... hugs ~tea~xo

  6. I'm just back tracking through your posts. Noticed that you're following me and I wanted to see what you're about. You should get back into your crafting thing and post pics of your creations as well as your finds.

    I can't wait to move into housing and set up my sewing machine . . . still in the process of learning how to use it beyond straight stitching. I have two kid quilts to make (easy, I think, as the directions are very clear). . . make more dolls, etc..

    There's a fabric store that carries exclusive tropical prints . . . I can't wait to go there and get some.