Saturday, May 2, 2009

Early Mornings

I am a morning person. I have always enjoyed early mornings. There is something about the quiet that is rejuvenating.

I start work at 7 am but will arrive much earlier. I love this quiet time. I work across the street from our State Capitol in California. It is a beautiful building that is located in the most beautiful park. It is 40 acres of lush foliage, beautiful old growth trees and the most spectacular rose garden. I have lived in Sacramento all my life and I have never tired of the park. Before work I spend some time there just taking in what it has to offer that morning. Lately there is an owl that has taken up residence and he lets everyone know he is there with his whooing (is that even a word? Well you know what I mean :) ). It echoes in the streets. It is such a beautiful sound. One of these mornings I may have to explore and try and figure out which tree he calls home. I have recently started taking pictures of our park. Here are a few.

Our State Capitol building. It is even more beautiful inside.

I will have to get some pictures and show you. There is so much history here. When you are inside you are transported to another time.

A glimpse of the Rose Garden. I am across the street at my building.

I am such a lucky girl. This is what I am greeted with everyday!

Simply beautiful.

I have enjoyed sharing with you a glimpse of my mornings. Yes I am a lucky girl. I have more pictures which I will share in a another post. I am getting ready to go to one of our local craft shows this morning Ironically it is only a couple blocks away from our beautiful Capitol Park.

XXOO, Susan


  1. I don't think i'd want to know where Mr. Owl is. I think that would be half the fun. The mystery of it. Those roses, oh my. Yes your blessed to see this each morning before work. A lucky girl you are. The pics are sweet.

  2. I think you are right. It is the mystery of it. I bet he is beautiful though.