Sunday, December 13, 2009

This and That...

I am not sure this image has anything to do with this post, I just like it! :)

It has been a very busy and hectic few months for me. Between all of the craft faires that Mom and I have been in and replenishing the inventory, we also flew to Austin, TX for our nephew’s wedding. Did I say I also have a full time job? Of course I have...I tend to have my whiney moments. I am a Litigation Analyst and this job has become increasingly demanding over the last 12 months but I so love this job and would not trade it for anything. I prepare my Department’s defense regarding certain matters for our State’s Attorney General’s Office. It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Needless to say when I do finally get home I find the quiet of my sewing/craft room just what I need after a long day. It is therapy!

I half-heartedly entered the craft faire holiday season in September not expecting to sell a lot of my totes so my inventory was miniscule at best. I only had about 20 totes on hand when I started. This year I would have been happy to just make my table fee. I do the shows mostly for Mom. She makes the cutest felt ornaments and she always does well and being on a fixed income any extra money is most welcomed. Much to my amazement it seemed everyone wanted one of my totes. Fast forward… I was buried in my sewing room since September using any spare moment I had replenishing the inventory. My totes take about 6 hours to make. I painstakingly do a lot of hand work that cannot be seen. This mostly involves tacking down stabilizers. Yesterday was my last show for this season. I had 10 totes and came home with only two! That may not sound like a lot of sales but it really is because my items could be considered on the pricier side for a craft faire. Almost all of my totes were bought by people who were going to give them as a Christmas gift. Every time I heard that I just wanted to cry from joy. Not that they were buying one of my totes but the fact that they were buying something hand-made for someone special. My shelves are almost bare and knowing all of my totes that I lovingly constructed will be enjoyed by someone on Christmas makes my heart happy. O.K. enough about all of that, I wanted to finally share some pictures with you!

This is just a very small sampling of Mom's felt items. She has at least 25 different designs. Everything is lovingly stitched by hand.

A lady once asked her where she got the die cuts to make her ornaments. Imagine the look on her face when Mom told her that she cuts everything out with scissors. I swear the woman looked at my Mom like she had lost her mind. She could not get over the work and the detail. When Mom use to make her clothes all of her buttonholes were done by hand. They were the most perfect buttonholes you ever saw. To this day I have never seen a buttonhole done by a machine that can compare to hers.

Mom has been making these little guys for at least 25 years.

My humble offerings

I use fabrics that I like. This year I went with the "how cute is that!" fabrics. Last year I went mostly with elegant and traditional fabrics. I guess this year people were looking for cute!

Have a blessed week.

xxoo, Sue

P.S. I will be posting some of my favorite recipes soon!


  1. The mice are so sweet! Anybody would be pleased to get those!

  2. Humble? HUMBLE? I say magnificent, Sue! I LOVE all your Totes! Simply beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing. I also Love the Ornies from you Momma. FAB!

    Love to you~


  3. Hi Sue! Your totes are beautiful. I'm not surprised at all that they were a big hit! Thank you so much for coming over a leaving such a sweet comment about my garland. You made me feel really good. Have a great week!

    My Desert Cottage

  4. Sue honey why don't you put your beautiful totes and your moms lovely ornaments on my Temptation Mondays. All you have to do is email me with the link to your post and a couple of pictures that I can copy. You never know who might fall in love with your lovelies.
    I know I love them

  5. I used to craft. Yep...I did. I don't anymore and when I see your adorable little things I remember all the hard work that goes into them! Such detail! I hope you sold a lot!
    Thank you so much for your sweet visit to my blog. Every time I see the title of your blog I have to smile...LOVE it! :)

  6. I love the little mice your mom makes...and the tote you made is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!! Karen

  7. Hello Sue, I'm glad you came by again. I was by and read this post but got hauled away from the computer by one of the kids and didn't get to comment. I think both you and your mom do excellent work. The totes are beautiful, I'm glad they sold well. The cute little mice of your mom's remind me of little mice my great-grandmother made of walnut shells!

    I noticed you are in Sacramento. Do you ever attend the Antiques Faire on the 2nd Sunday of each month? I've been once and so enjoyed it. I tried to get back up there in Nov. and Dec. but it just wasn't to be.

    Christmas Hugs

  8. What beautiful work you do! Your blog is lovely, very enjoyable. Kerrie