Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red and Green...The Colors of Christmas

Have you ever wondered why the traditional Christmas colors are red and green? I recently came across an article that explains this. It also explains some of our other traditions that we associate with this most blessed time of the year. Now whether this is correct I cannot say for sure but I certainly have to agree with this notion.

Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus spilt to redeem us from our sins.

Green is the color of life. Therefore, green symbolizes the potential for eternal life that Jesus' sacrifice made possible for all of us. The evergreen tree is green all year round. So it also symbolizes eternal life.

The flame of a candle, the lights on the tree and the star are all meant to remind us of the new star that appeared to proclaim the birth of the sweet baby Jesus.

The bell is a reminder of the bells worn by sheep. They provide a means for the shepherd to find the sheep that has wandered from the flock and become lost. They symbolize our pleas to the Good Shepherd for guidance back to His flock.

The candy cane is shaped like a shepherd's staff. It symbolizes the responsibility that we all have to be shepherds, to help each other and guide each other back to God.

Finally, the bows on the top of the presents are symbolic of brotherhood. It should be a reminder that, just as the ribbons are tied together, we should all be tied together by the knowledge that we are all God's children and therefore brothers and sisters.

Have a blessed day,
Hugs and love, Sue

P.S. I have a very nasty virus on my computer at home. It is so bad that it won't let me access any antivirus software. This virus somehow bypassed my McAfee. It may be awhile before I can get back to regular posts (not that I was posting regulary anyway :)). Things have settled down for me and I was so ready to start posting again. I have so much to share with you! In case you are wondering, I am doing this post from work during my lunch break.


  1. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I love this!! Thank you for sharing. Hugs. Tammy

  3. Great post. I did not know. I love it and it all makes sense.

  4. Fabulous post, my friend. I had heard/read this before, but am happy to be refreshed once again.

    Sorry about the virus.

    Please join me at our new blog, if you have not ~

    Do not know how long the old one will hold up. TYSM
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Thank you for praying (even at bedtime; you know, it's a good time to be quiet and pray). Love this post! Hope that nasty virus scoots quick! When my PC goes down, I feel very lost.

  6. I love this Christmas message and have read something similar before, or perhaps the same thing. I loved reading it again! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    p.s. I'm sorry about your computer. I admit to living in fear of it happening to me. I have McAfee also..and felt safe. Eek! Now I am worried!

  7. Beautiful post. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this. Really sweet of you to take the time to do it. Sorry your having troubles. I am so afraid that is going to happen to me the way I fool around on here.
    Happy Holidays

  8. This was such a wonderful and interesting post. Thank you so much for sharing it. I hope that your computer "feels" better soon. Have a great weekend. Karen

  9. Hi Sue,
    I've read this several times in the past and love it. Thanks for sharing it here.
    I'm so sorry to hear about the "virus". That happened to us so we took it over to a friend that we trust and he "pulled everything off" cleaned up the virus and reinstalled all the good stuff again. He said it was like a brand new computer again. But you have to be VERY specific what you tell them to save and put back on, otherwise you can loose precious data and pictures.
    Hope you get it resovled soon!
    Mary Lou

  10. This explanation of red and green makes sense to me, and today I posted on my blog about how candy canes came to be.
    I love this holiday and all its stories, and will post soon about the Christmas pickle ornament.

  11. Sue..first let me say that I love the name of your blog. How many times did my 3 daughters hear me say those words when they were girls... hundreds!

    second.. so sorry about the virus! Had one on my company laptap a few weeks ago and it took our IT dept 2-weeks to get me going again!

    and lastly...

    Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and/or blogging about my 300th post giveaway! Good Luck!

    Blessing. Dixie